Independent Left News, in partnership with Comrade Misty Winston and Action4Assange, are proud and excited to announce and introduce the 1st Annual Indie Media Awards!


Welcome to the 2022 Indie Media Awards

Exposing Corporate, Environmental and Dark Money Corruption 
Top Writers Awards
Top Writers

Placing excellence and integrity in written form is a rare quality. Here's to those who have. 

Top Streamers Award
Top Streamers

Telling the truth can have dire consequences. Thank you for the exhibiting bravery.

Top Outlets Award
Top Outlets

Exposing the truth in a world full of lies is exemplary. These are our revolutionary heroes. 

Independent Left News, in partnership with Comrade Misty Winston and Action4Assange, are proud and excited to announce and introduce the 1st Annual Indie Media Awards!

Independent journalism has always been incredibly important. In the age of mega-billion dollar corporate-influenced news, the ability to understand a situation critically, while NOT being filtered through the lens of advertisers, donors or corporate homogenization is both rare and at a premium.

Independent Left News recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary as a daily aggregator website hub for independent news, analysis and opinion - all free from corporate advertiser influence. We’ve closely followed and shared articles, podcasts and videos from hundreds of independent outlets, freelance journalists, podcasters and analysts over those 2 years. 

Out of those hundreds, there is absolutely a small group who have emerged as standouts - the “best-of-the-best.” We’re going to honor that group, for they often go unrecognized in a sea of media. They rarely get the big payout, because that’s not why they’re doing what they do, but we can give, at the very least, a big Thank You and some token of our appreciation. This is not to slight anyone, as there are dozens of others we could have also potentially chosen, but these are the people and organizations that have most frequently appeared in the daily.

Indie, our founder, recently observed the lack of public recognition for the journalists, outlets and streamers who take risks, question state and corporate narratives, for little more than the internal need/desire to seek and report what’s actually happening through the mud of spin and lies.

Honorees will be announced via livestream the evening of October 7, 2022 - intentionally timed to coincide with worldwide action in support of Julian Assange. In the USA, there is a major protest event scheduled to begin at noon ET in Washington, DC the next day, October 8, in front of the Justice Department, when an impressive speaker lineup comes together to stand in support of jailed publisher and journalist Julian Assange, publicly demonstrating the importance of his release from Belmarsh prison and against his being charged under the Espionage Act. In London, activists, family and protesters will form a Human Chain around Parliament in solidarity.

The award will honor recipients in 3 categories: Top Writers, Top Streamers and Top Outlets.

All of the honorees of an Indie Media Award have openly lobbied for Julian Assange’s freedom. Many have written some of the biggest stories exposing the decade-long persecution the United States government has undertaken against Assange. The primary reason for this persecution is retaliation for embarrassing the US and UK intel community at large and exposing US war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere - many of which have still never been accounted for, though their veracity has never been denied. Wikileaks, the organization Assange founded, has never had to publish a retraction on anything it’s published as long as it’s been in existence.


Honoring those who have shown excellence in delivering the truth against all odds.

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